Christina Foster


Christina is a process artist, learning facilitator, thought partner, and concept developer who believes that together we can create a thriving world. With a passion for personal development, organizational learning, and systems change, Christina’s work primarily focuses on shifting the paradigm of what’s possible by enhancing the capacity of individuals and groups to think, learn, lead, and act together. Central to Christina’s approach is Participatory Leadership, Strategic Dialogue, and other change processes that engage groups in meaningful conversations and collective learning that can lead to Collaborative Innovation and action.


Christina has successfully supported organizational and community-based change efforts employing a variety of self-organizing, participatory methods throughout her career. She founded Foster What Matters in 2010 to focus her work more intensely on designing and supporting multi-scale change initiative that seek to enhance the health and well-being of children, youth, communities, and the environment. Currently she is working to shift paradigms in early childhood, K-12 education, after-school, juvenile justice, and mental health systems. As a steward of the Illinois Art of Hosting Conversations that Matter Community of Practice, she volunteers her time and talents to deepen and expand Art of Hosting practices throughout Illinois in service of cross-system collaborations. Christina holds a Masters Degree in Holistic Transformative Education from Norwich University and a Bachelors Degree with a double major in Organizational/Corporate Communications and Studio Art from Northern Illinois University.