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Partner Plan Act Collaboration Institute

The Community Systems Statewide Supports team is thrilled to offer the Partner Plan Act Collaboration Institute (PPACI): a yearlong project for local early childhood collaborations in Illinois. Centering racial equity and family engagement to improve outcomes for all children, PPACI is designed to help collaborations increase reach and impact by using a community systems development approach. Support is individualized and designed to meet collaborations’ specific needs, whether they’re completely new to PPACI or returning alumni. The result is an intensive experience where each participating collaboration can thrive. Funded by the Illinois State Board of Education, participation is completely free.

Here is what a few Partner Plan Act Collaboration Institute alumni had to say about their participation:

DeKalb County Collaborative for Young Children

The DeKalb County Collaborative for Young Children (DCCYC) participated in the inaugural cohort of the Partner Plan Act Collaboration Institute. Our work through PPA positively impacted our collaborative governance, coordination, and focus on equity. We brought so many tools back to the collaborative work that we still use today! Also, we made lasting relationships with other collaborations across Illinois that still benefit us today. Since participating in the PPA Collaboration cohort, we have utilized on-demand consultation to better integrate racial equity and authentic family engagement practices in DCCYC meetings and work. 

– Samantha McDavid, Coordinator

Glenbard Early Childhood Collaborative

Our Glenbard Early Childhood Collaborative has been fortunate enough to participate in both the 2018-2019 and 2019-2020 PPA Collaboration Institute cohorts. Our coaches, Ruby and Carolyn, helped our team to dig deep and truly identify the steps needed to guide our mission and vision forward, driving the work and focus of our very new collaborative. I love that we are now part of the CS3 family and able to hold each other up in our efforts to support our youngest learners and their familiesIf it were not for the PPA CS3 team and dedicated supports, we would not be where we are today as a family and equity-based early childhood collaborative! 

– Jeanine Woltman, Coordinator

Jewish Early Childhood Collaborative

The Partner Plan Act Collaboration Institute was an amazing resource for us. The coaching we received on governance and structure, ensured that we came out of COVID stronger than ever. The process also helped build deeper and stronger relationships with the partners who were involved in the institute with us. 

– Kate Warach, Director

Plano Area Alliance Supporting Student Success

Over the span of six years, PAASSS has achieved significant milestones, attributed in large part to the invaluable support and guidance from the Partner Plan Act Collaboration Institute. Participating in two discrete cohorts, we delved into systems thinking, emphasizing an inclusive approach for families. Our initial coaching cycle in 2018-2019 facilitated the establishment of a charter agreement, formulation of a strategic plan, and led to the development of a distinctive brand identity. Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, we persevered by orchestrating a community screening of “No Small Matter,” sparking dialogues on early childhood development and subsequently securing local funding for additional preschool placements.

Our subsequent coaching cycle (2021-2022) prioritized a needs assessment, particularly focusing on enhancing family engagement and amplifying family voices while leveraging data to underscore our requirements and achievements. As a direct outcome of the guidance received, we successfully secured funding from Birth to Five IL, launched the PAASSS website, organized tailored events for diverse stakeholder groups, and published our inaugural annual report. Notably, as a collaborative effort devoid of paid staff, we take pride in our accomplishments, recognizing the pivotal role the Partner Plan Act Institute has played in propelling us towards our objectives.

– Laurel Mateyka, Chairperson

The Village Early Childhood Collaboration

The Village Early Childhood Collaboration’s core team participated in 2 consecutive Partner Plan Act Collaboration Institutes. In early 2020, the Village Early Childhood Collaboration was created. The first year of participation was focused on building a framework, learning what systems work looked like, and facilitating collaboration within the core team. The second year we focused on breaking down a problem to find the root cause. The Collaboration Institute was an important contributor to establishing our foundation.

-Rhonda Hillyer, Facilitator


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What to Expect

Participating in PPACI will support your collaboration in:

  • Adopting a systems-change approach. Equip your collaboration with tools and methods for effective systems-change work.
  • Exploring community needs and strengths. Collect and analyze community data, identify community needs, define strategies, and meet collaboration goals.
  • Influencing state policy. Contribute insights to shape state policy of community systems development.
  • Engaging in shared learning. Learn from and with experienced trainers, coaches, and collaboration peers.
  • Improving leadership capacity. Develop the capacity to lead impactful change within your community.

Curious About Applying?

We’d love for you to apply for our yearlong program that will empower you and other advocates to create and build on community systems change that makes a difference. If you’re curious but not quite ready to apply, feel free to reach out and we would be happy to answer any questions!

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