Request Consultation

On-Demand Consultation is a support for early childhood community collaborations tackling a specific, short-term issue. Consultants are matched with communities based on the topic area requested and will provide up to 24 hours of consultation over the course of the fiscal year. Below are the areas available to request support:

  • Collaboration Skills
  • Governance
  • Data
  • Equity
  • Systems Thinking
  • Family Engagement
  • Quality
  • Enrollment
  • Coordinated Intake
  • Priority Populations
  • Collaborative Developmental Screenings
  • Birth-3rd Grade/Prek-Kindergarten Transition
  • Chronic Absenteeism

For longer term assistance, please see information for the Partner Plan Act Collaboration Institute.

On-Demand Consultation FAQs

What is On-Demand Consultation?

Through On-Demand Consultation, early childhood community collaborations can request support on a specific issue and receive up to twenty hours of consultation around that issue. Consultants bring their technical expertise to offer advice and solutions. While the Partner Plan Act (PPA) Collaboration Institute requires a yearlong commitment from a collaboration at a specific time, On-Demand Consultation is available year-round and is a short-term commitment.

What is it NOT?

On-Demand Consultation does not provide long-term coaching, which is more intensive and provided over a longer period of time to PPA Collaboration Institute participants. It also is not intended for issues that require more than twenty hours of consultation.

What can I expect after requesting On-Demand Consultation?

Within two weeks of your initial request for On-Demand Consultation you will be matched with a consultant, who will then reach out to you to better understand your situation. Together you will schedule future consultation sessions.

How long is consultation?

While you may request support at any point within the year, the requested hours must take place within one fiscal year (July-June). If your request requires more than twenty hours of consultation, we will recommend that you access other supports, including joining the PPA Collaboration Institute.

What kinds of issues can consultants help me address?

Some of our consultants’ areas of expertise include: (1) Collaboration Skills, (2) Governance, (3) Data, (4) Equity, (5) Systems Thinking, (6) Family Engagement, and (7) CSD Strategies (ex. coordinated intake, Birth-3rd Grade/Pre-K-Kindergarten transition, chronic absenteeism, collaborative screenings, priority populations, enrollment, quality). If the area you need consultation on is not listed, we encourage you to still apply — we want to be responsive to your collaboration’s needs.

How is consultation delivered?

Consultation may occur over the phone, video conferencing, or in-person — the setting will be decided upon by the collaboration and consultant.

Who are the consultants?

The IAFC Community Systems Statewide Supports team (Grace Araya, Ruby Flores, Carolyn Newberry Schwartz, and Chris Foster) will be available to provide on-demand consultation.

How am I matched with a consultant?

Communities will be matched with consultants based on the community’s specific need and the consultants’ availability. If there is a specific consultant you would like to be matched with, please include that in the notes and we will try to accommodate your request.

What happens if my request is denied?

A request for on-demand consultation may be denied if fulfilling the request would require consultation beyond twenty hours. In that case, the collaboration will be encouraged to apply to the PPA Collaboration Institute, where they will be able to receive long-term coaching and training supports.

In addition, the IAFC Community Systems Statewide Supports team will connect you to other resources and supports available. Foundational supports offered include online peer learning communities (WeConnect), community-to-community peer mentoring, on-demand learning modules and webinars, regional trainings, the Partner Plan Act annual conference, and the Partner Plan Act website (