On-Demand Learning

On-Demand Learning offers the opportunity for collaboration leaders, early childhood advocates, and community members to take learning into their own hands. Thanks to generous funding from Illinois State Board of Education, and in partnership with the Governor’s Office of Early Childhood, Illinois Action for Children (is able to offer these supports at no cost to you. Through 2022, IAFC will introduce at least 15 on-demand learning courses, covering various topics including data, systems-thinking, equity, and community systems strategies.

When you complete a course in its entirety, you will be prompted to submit your Gateways Registry number—this is a great opportunity to log your professional achievement and recognize the knowledge, skills and experience you have gained. If you do not need Gateways credits, just leave this portion blank. Either way, you will receive a certificate of completion.

To access the course, you will need to create an account. If you already have a WeConnect account, then you can use that same username and password to access On-Demand Learning. If you do not yet have a WeConnect account, please complete the form to the right. Once you complete the form, someone from the Community Systems Statewide Supports (CS3) team will reach out to you with next steps. Happy learning!

On-Demand Learning Course:

  • Early Childhood Collaboration Data
Data is crucial to the work of early childhood collaborations; many want to learn more about how to become more data-informed. These modules delve into how to focus your purpose, collect data, make meaning from the data, communicate findings to drive action, and build a data culture. This course is comprised of six modules focused on data and the crucial role that it plays in community systems development.
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