Start a Collaboration

Congratulations on your decision to start an early childhood community collaboration in Illinois! Whether you’re a group of community stakeholders seeking to formally come together to work on early childhood systems, or recent recipients of funding to establish an early childhood community collaboration, we are here to support you completely free of charge.

Taking the following steps will get you started. We recommend that you and your prospective collaboration partners: 

  1. Register on WeConnect, a platform for early childhood community collaboration members to connect and share news and resources about early childhood community systems.

  2. Submit your collaboration name and details to be included in future versions of our Illinois Early Childhood Collaboration Directory. (email to receive the form.) 

  3. Take our Community Systems Development for Early Childhood Collaborations on-demand learning course.

  4. Take our Early Childhood Collaboration Governance on-demand learning course.

  5. Once you have completed steps 1-4, request a consultation (collaboration leader only).