Getting Started with Your Early Childhood Collaboration

Though the information on the Partner Plan Act website organizes activities into the three areas of Partner, Plan, and Act, a collaboration may progress through these different activities and areas in a nonlinear manner. A collaboration’s work is always fluid, and you may find yourself jumping between different areas and topics.

For example, you may build a vision, start developing strategies, and test your ideas, only to find that you missed engaging a key stakeholder so you have to backtrack. All of this is part of a collaborations’ growth and development as the collaboration – and its community – are facing complex issues.

Planning Activities

Comprehensive Early Childhood System Diagram

What Does a Successful Early Childhood Partnership Look Like?

A good plan contains goals and objectives that are linked to the partnership vision and address root causes. This should also include “short wins” – strategies that can be implemented within a short timeframe (3-6 months).