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Partner Plan Act’s on-demand learning provides Gateway accredited online courses free of charge to collaboration members, early childhood advocates, and community members.

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Available Courses

Collaborative Developmental Screenings for Early Childhood Collaborations

Collaborative developmental screenings are a Community Systems Development (CSD) strategy where different stakeholders and sectors coordinate and conduct screenings so more children are assessed and can access services they need. This course explores the benefits, implementation, challenges, and development of collaborative developmental screenings.

Community Systems Development for Early Childhood Collaborations

Community Systems Development (CSD) is a process by which community stakeholders from different sectors focus and align their work, develop shared systems to achieve common outcomes, and take collective responsibility for the young children in their community. Course modules explore CSD in early childhood collaborations.

Early Childhood Collaboration Data 101: Building a Data Culture

Data is crucial to the work of early childhood collaborations. These modules delve into how to focus your purpose, collect data, make meaning from the data, communicate findings to drive action, and build a data culture. This course comprises six modules focused on data and the role that it plays in community systems development.

Early Childhood Collaboration Data 201: Collecting and Summarizing Data

Collecting qualitative data from stakeholders can be challenging, but this engagement and input is an integral component of community systems development work. This course provides Illinois’ early childhood collaborations and early childhood stakeholders with the knowledge, resources, and tools to gather, organize, and host data-centered events.

Early Childhood Collaboration Governance Learning

Collaboration governance ranges from small ad hoc groups using a brief project charter to well-established collaborations that have been incorporated as 501(c)3 organizations and adopted bylaws. At their best, collaborations’ governance documents are not bureaucratic formalities. Rather, they promote a strong foundation (vision, mission, values, and principles), strong processes (decision-making that promotes inclusive solutions), and an adaptable, clear, supportive structure.

Early Childhood Collaboration Parent Engagement

Parent engagement is integral to community systems development work. These modules provide knowledge, resources, and tools to deepen parent engagement practices. Users can adapt resources in this course to meet the unique needs of their collaboration and community to:

  •   Deepen their understanding of parent engagement.
  •   Draft a shared statement of parent engagement and the core beliefs that will guide their collaboration’s efforts.
  •   Examine the four parent engagement roles in the Community Systems and Policy level and learn how to strengthen partnerships with parents.
  •   Develop a plan for engaging parents at their collaboration.

Shared Intake for Early Childhood Collaborations

Shared intake (also known as coordinated intake) is a Community Systems Development (CSD) strategy that provides families with a single entry point where they can express their needs for support and receive referrals to local services and programs that best fit their needs. This course explores the benefits, implementation, and challenges of shared intake, and how to create a plan for it.

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