Exploring the New CS3 Parent Engagement Resources

When:  Jun 23, 2021 from 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM (CT)
Associated with  Partner Plan Act

We are pleased to announce that the Community Systems Statewide Supports (CS3) parent engagement resources are here!

Early childhood collaborations continue to name parent engagement as a growth area where they need additional support. However, a deep dive into existing research in the early childhood field revealed that current parent engagement supports often focus on engaging parents in programs. Almost no resources exist for engaging parents in early childhood collaborations.

In response, the CS3 team created a set of parent engagement resources to support Illinois’ early childhood collaborations to begin and/or deepen their parent engagement practices, an integral component of community systems works.

The resources include: 

  1. A video on parent engagement 
  2. The Handbook for Parent Engagement: Engaging Parents in Early Childhood Collaborations 
  3. An online on-demand parent engagement course 

Join us in this webinar to:

  • View the CS3 parent engagement video – hear from parents and collaboration staff about their engagement experiences. 
  • Access and review the Handbook for Parent Engagement: Engaging Parents in Early Childhood Collaborations – get a copy of the comprehensive handbook that debuts the CS3 parent engagement framework, a guide to deepening/getting started with your collaboration’s parent engagement, and specific tools for implementing the four most typical collaboration parent engagement roles. 
  • Obtain hands-on experience with the new parent engagement online course – Get started with the on-demand course that walks you through the Handbook in an interactive manner. 
  • Find out how to get on-demand consultation - Learn what is included in and how to access short-term coaching to support your parent engagement endeavors. 

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