How to Engage Parents in the Role of Family and Community Expert

When:  Jan 31, 2023 from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM (CT)
Associated with  Partner Plan Act

Workshop #1: How to Engage Parents in the Role of Family and Community Expert

Training Objectives: 

· Understand the Family and Community Expert role and its benefits

· Learn how to create and execute a plan for engaging parents in the role

· Gain strategies for understanding, conveying and using the data gathered from parents

Training Description: To engage parents in the role of Family and Community Expert is to ask them about their lived experiences and have their feedback influence your collaboration’s community systems change work. In this role, collaborations ask parents for input through a variety of mediums such as surveys, focus groups, small in-person meetings, etc. Join the first part of a four-workshop series to gain practical steps to engaging parents as Family and Community Experts.

This training is Gateways approved and part of a four-part workshop series, Practical Strategies to Engage Parents in Your Collaboration Four-Part Workshop Series, conducted by the CS3 team. You can find more information on the full series below-

Series Description: Most collaborations agree that parent engagement is critical to community systems work. But HOW can collaborations engage parents in a way that takes into consideration their community needs and resources?! Join us for a four-part workshop series that delves into practical strategies to engage parents in each of the four collaboration parent engagement roles – Family and Community Expert, Collaboration Parent Leader, Outreach Ambassador, and Advocate.

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