ABLe Change Framework

The ABLe Change Framework was developed by Michigan State University researchers, Dr. Pennie Foster-Fishman and Dr. Erin Watson. ABLe (Above the Line, Below the Line) Change is a framework for system change that includes principles, practices, and tools to result in systems changes that create improved community conditions.

The framework is built around six “simple rules”:

  1. Think systemically
  2. Engage diverse perspectives
  3. Incubate change
  4. Implement change effectively
  5. Adapt quickly
  6. Pursue social justice

The framework is designed to be dynamic and adaptive to meet the needs of local communities, providing collaborations with flexibility to affectively address problems and create change.

While the framework was not specifically developed for early childhood, early childhood system initiatives in Michigan, North Carolina, and Oklahoma are also using this approach as the cornerstone of their technical assistance for local collaborations. Illinois is a part of an ABLe Change pilot to build Illinois’ system-building capacity through a coherent training and technical assistance approach.

To learn more about ABLe Change, please visit their website. Register as a user to access their resources and tools for use in your community or collaboration.