CROAR's Dominating White Ways Training

Starts:  Mar 1, 2023 09:00 AM (CT)
Ends:  Mar 2, 2023 12:30 PM (CT)
Associated with  Partner Plan Act

The CS3 Team is working with CROAR to offer a workshop called Dominating White Ways: Exploring the Commonplace Nature of White Supremacy and its Power to Co-opt Us on March 1-2, 9am-12:30pm.

*There is limited capacity for these trainings. Please only sign up if you are available to attend both days. Signing up does not guarantee a spot- the form will close once we reach our capacity of 30.


White supremacy ideology is perhaps the greatest barrier to achieving socio-political, economic, cultural, and ecological sustainability in the USA. It is critically important that community and institutional leaders grasp the widespread constancy of white supremacy ideology; their conditioned investment in the ideology and begin to imagine how to collaborate with others to dismantle it. This daylong workshop will offer participants…

  • A deep dive into white supremacy ideology paying particular attention to how it features dominantly in US culture

  • An intersectional exploration of the ways this ideology operates dominantly resulting in the cooptation of systems, institutions, and the people that populate them

  • Tools and practices to assess & disrupt how the values and ways of being of white supremacy ideology operate their institutions

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