Governance Workshop #2: Decision-Making Rules and Processes

When:  Jan 28, 2021 from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM (CT)
Associated with  Partner Plan Act

When: Thursday, January 28th – 9:00am-Noon CT (Virtual)

Associated with  Partner Plan Act


A widely-watched BUILD Institute video, which describes the promise of early childhood community systems building, asks the question:  “What would happen if we all worked together on behalf of kids? Everyone!”  But, as many collaborations know, working together as one and achieving results is easier said than done.  And, governance is often the missing ingredient. 

Please join us for the second workshop in our CS3 Governance Workshop Series, Decision-Making Rules and Processes.

Clear decision-making rules and processes are fundamental for healthy early childhood collaborations.  Weak processes can lead to decisions that are not well-supported, leading to lack-luster implementation and loss of confidence.  On the other hand, strong processes, which spark energy, inclusivity, and creativity, advance your collaboration’s vision, mission, values/principles (the subject of the first Governance workshop) and results!  

 The workshop will cover:

  • The dynamics of group decision-making with an emphasis on why clear, ambiguous decision points and decision-making rules and processes support strong decisions. (A decision point is the point in time when discussion ends and “voting” begins.)  
  • Options for decision-making rules, e.g., unanimous consensus, 80% majority, simple majority and related issues, such as quorums, voting eligibility.
  • The plusses and minuses of different decision-making rules on member participation, inclusion, deliberation, and problem-solving, and decision implementation.
  • The importance of incorporating decision rules and processes into a written MOU, charter, or other governance document.



  • Registration is limited to 25 people. Registration is extremely limited so please only register if you absolutely plan to attend.
  • If you did not attend the first Governance Workshop* (10.28.2020), please contact Kim Zalent ( before
  • Read about the five-part CS3 Governance Workshop Series here.

*Attending Governance Workshop #1 is a prerequisite for the other workshops, but we can make some exceptions. Our goal is to ensure that all participants have critical baseline knowledge necessary to participate fully.


  • # 3 Preparing for and Reaching a Decision Point * Wednesday, February 24th – 9:00-Noon (Virtual)
  • #4 Structure, Power-Sharing, & Roles/Responsibilities * Wednesday, March 10th – 9:00-Noon (Virtual)  
  • #5 Legal Considerations * Spring, 2021


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